Q. Can I participate in city tournaments?

 A. Yes, you can!!

Many members participate in city tournaments of Musashimurayama City and Higashimurayama City. You can also participate in tournaments, which other organizations are in charge. 

As a side note, the competition rules are in accordance with the rules of the Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF).

Q. I am warried about injuries.

 A. It is ok because we practice the traditional Karate.

Tournaments and some other games are held in a manner that does not cause injuries with ‘Sundome Rule’(no contact)and with armor.

Q. Is it possible to be late to a class due to a tutoring school?

 A.  Arriving late and early leaving are acceptable!!

In case you are late, please do warming up cautiously before you join the class.

In case you leave earlier, please let instructor knows and do cooling down before you leave.

Q. How many times a week can I take a class?

 A.  We have two types of courses, basic course (twice a week) and unlimited course (any number of times you can)

For details, please contact the instructor at each branch.