There are roughly divided 4 styles in Traditional Karate.

In addition, there are many styles in Okinawa that have been passed down since ancient times.

  • Shotoukan-Ryu
  • Goju-Ryu
  • Shito-Ryu
  • Wado-Ryu

Our style is Shito-Ryu.


The foundaer of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni Sensei
The founder of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni Sensei

As one of the technical features of Shito-Ryu, there are ‘Aitsuki’ and ‘Ainuke’as a logical attack.

Defense techniques include the five principles of defense, ‘Rakka, Ryusui, Tenni, Kusshin and Hangeki’.

Furthermore, it includes throwing and reverse techniques. Shito-Ryu looks like the comprehensive martial arts.

Like a representing the word ‘Shuhari’ faithfully applying the basics,

It is systematized that the ‘Ougi’can be mastered by faithing applying the basics ‘Kata’and connecting to ‘Bunkai Kumite’.

A wide range of fighting techniques have been established, and it is a characteristic of the Shito-Ryu that there are more types of ‘Kata’ than other styles.

The founder of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni advocated ‘Kunshi no Ken’, he had provided guidance aimed at forming and improving a harmonious personality. The intention has been inherited at ‘Busonjuku’.