At Busonjuku, we give a guidance with the first priority being to foster a sprit of respect for the other person with courtesy.

Traditional Karate is full body exercise that anyone can do regardless of age or gender. From infants to adults, you can enjoy practicing Traditional Karate without difficulty.

Please feel free to come and experience a trial at any time.  


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    In the ancient times, a way of the battle called ’Te’ has been inherited in Okinawa, which was called Ryukyu. The way has been evolved with the times and become the modern ‘Karate’.

    Traditional Karare, as the Japanese traditional martial arts, is spread all over the world with an emphasis on safety currently and was adopted as Tokyo Olympic games in 2020.

    We are the group who practice and research in form ’Kata’ and sparring ‘Kumite’ using safe armors.


    There are roughly divided 4 styles in Traditional Karate.

    In addition, there are many styles in Okinawa that have been passed down since ancient times.

    • Shotoukan-Ryu
    • Goju-Ryu
    • Shito-Ryu
    • Wado-Ryu

    Our style is Shito-Ryu.


    The foundaer of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni Sensei
    The founder of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni Sensei

    As one of the technical features of Shito-Ryu, there are ‘Aitsuki’ and ‘Ainuke’as a logical attack.

    Defense techniques include the five principles of defense, ‘Rakka, Ryusui, Tenni, Kusshin and Hangeki’.

    Furthermore, it includes throwing and reverse techniques. Shito-Ryu looks like the comprehensive martial arts.

    Like a representing the word ‘Shuhari’ faithfully applying the basics,

    It is systematized that the ‘Ougi’can be mastered by faithing applying the basics ‘Kata’and connecting to ‘Bunkai Kumite’.

    A wide range of fighting techniques have been established, and it is a characteristic of the Shito-Ryu that there are more types of ‘Kata’ than other styles.

    The founder of Shito-Ryu, Kenwa Mabuni advocated ‘Kunshi no Ken’, he had provided guidance aimed at forming and improving a harmonious personality. The intention has been inherited at ‘Busonjuku’.